#Seoul: The joy of the Halloween party turned into a moment of death in Mritupuri The Halloween party was organized in Seoul, the capital of South Korea A large number of people had gathered there And that’s where the problem happened 59 people died due to heart failure due to the pressure of the crowd More than 150 people were injured It has been reported that many people are still stuck somewhere due to the pressure of the crowd The administration is working together

Already after the incident, Yuk Suk Yeol called an emergency meeting in South Korea Of those who died, 50 suffered cardiac arrest, according to the administration. Nearly 100,000 people attended the first no-mask Halloween party since the pandemic

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But gradually the control over that crowd is lost Many were writing on Facebook since evening, so crowded that they are suffering from insecurity After that, this tragic incident happened

A number of videos have gone viral on social media, which are seen, practically crying out across the area Security personnel are rushing for rescue work from all around Ambulances are coming one by one

It has also been caught in several pictures, there are many people lying on the ground, many people are seen giving CPR to save their lives. As if some people are trying to save their lives Seeing this scene, many are shaking

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