As soon as winter comes, there is a problem of torn ankles, then follow these tips, you will get relief soon

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Home Remedies For Cracked Heels: In winter, the dryness of the skin increases and the problem of cracking of the ankles along with the rest of the body also increases. In such a situation, it is not possible to go to the parlor again and again to get a pedicure. Therefore cracked heels can be treated at home. You will not even need special ingredients for this. Most of these items will be found in your home itself. You have to take care of some small but important things so that these methods can show their full effect.

make this foot mask

Make a foot mask with salt, glycerin and rose water and apply it on cracked heels. You will get relief soon. There are two ways to put it. One, you put a tablespoon of salt, glycerin and rose water in hot water and after soaking the feet in it for 20 minutes, clean it with a foot scrubber. Or mix a teaspoon of glycerin with a teaspoon of rose water and apply it on the feet. Wear socks and leave it on overnight, remove it in the morning. Gradually, your torn heels will be cured by this.

vegetable oil

You can also get rid of cracked heels with the help of vegetable oil. Studies have shown that vegetable oils have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. They also act as building blocks for healthy skin. They are beneficial in crack heels. Massage your feet with this oil every night before sleeping and wear socks. In a few days the cracked heels will be cured.

use honey

Honey can also be used for this purpose. For this, take a cup of honey and take water as hot as dipping your feet in a bucket, add honey to it. Dip your feet in this mixture and after 20 minutes clean it with a pumice stone and apply the cream. Feet will be fine in a few days.

rice flour pack

For this, take three to four spoons of rice flour and add a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Add one spoon of honey. Make a thick paste by mixing all three. If the feet are very torn, then add a spoonful of oil to it. First soak the feet in warm water for ten minutes and then scrub by applying this paste. This will remove the dead skin and the skin of the feet will become soft.

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