Chandra grahan 2022 in India: The eastern part of India will see a total lunar eclipse in Itanagar, Kolkata, Kohima, Patna, Ranchi, Puri and a partial eclipse in the rest of the states of India. The eclipse has started in India. This last lunar eclipse of the year is in Aries. The effect of lunar eclipse will be seen on all zodiac signs. It will be fruitful for some zodiac signs, then the people of some zodiac will have to face difficulties. Let us know when the lunar eclipse will end.

When will the lunar eclipse end? (Chandra grahan 2022 End Time)

The lunar eclipse will end at 06:20 in the evening. With this, the Sutak period will also end. After the eclipse, clean the temples and houses, Gangajal should be sprinkled.

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First lunar eclipse visible here in India (Chandra grahan 2022 in Indian State)

The last and second lunar eclipse of the year was visible on 08 November 2022 in India at 4:38 pm in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. Its Sutak period started 9 hours before the lunar eclipse. As soon as the eclipse starts, the doors of most of the temples in India have been closed. Chanting of mantras during this time gives auspicious results, it is believed that it reduces the inauspicious effects of eclipse.

What to do after eclipse is over?

  • At the end of the lunar eclipse, purify yourself and the house. Take bath by pouring Ganges water in the water. According to the scriptures, after the eclipse, the whole house should be washed by adding salt to the water. And also bathe the deities of the house. Do worship properly.
  • Similarly, sprinkle Gangajal in commercial establishments and shops as well. It is said that by doing this the bad effect after the eclipse ends.
  • Donation is of great importance after lunar eclipse. It is believed that at its end, white things related to the moon like rice, curd, pearls, vassal, milk, sweets, etc. should be donated.

Chandra Grahan 2022: Sutak of lunar eclipse started in India too, know salvation period in Delhi, Lucknow, Patna

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