China has locked down the largest iPhone factory in the world



#Beijing: Chinese authorities on Wednesday locked down the world’s largest iPhone factory The reason for this lockdown is that the iPhone factory workers fled due to the corona virus infection and did not comply with the restrictions imposed by the Chinese administration.

China’s Zhengzhou Airport Authority said on Wednesday, “No one will leave home, except for emergency medical treatment without a Covid test.” The move comes after photos and videos went viral on Chinese social media last week. It showed how people are breaking the Covid 19 protocol This picture came from the factory of the tech giant Foxconn in Taiwan From there, they are kept inside the factory, how bad the conditions are Covid-19 raises the question of how transport is wiping them out

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China is currently the only major economy that is still maintaining a zero tolerance policy against Covid Still there is mass testing and lengthy quarantines However, the strain of covid 19 that is spreading recently is more infectious

The province where the lockdown has been imposed has 6 lakh residents Every one of them has to undergo daily covid test The administration does not want to allow any violation of rules Foxconn said it continues to use the Covid policy as per regular rules

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