Corona patients are at risk of this disease, seeing the symptoms, the brain will also answer

Corona Virus


Coronavirus Brain Fog: The outbreak of Coronavirus had thrown the whole world into turmoil in the year 2020-21. In today’s time, its outbreak has reduced as compared to earlier, but it has not ended completely. The effect of this epidemic is still visible among the people in some form or the other. Recently a report has been published in which it has been said that the risk of ‘brain fog’ is increasing again in corona patients.

What is brain fog?
Headache, depression, lack of interest in doing any work are common in the busy lifestyle of the city. If all these things increase more then you should immediately see a doctor, because you can be a victim of ‘brain fog’. In brain fog, a person becomes less focused than normal people. The power of thinking in its patient starts decreasing. Due to which we also have to face a lot of difficulties in talking. The patient of brain frog has a lot of trouble in remembering anything.

Brain fog affects the body and mind

Brain fog affects the body in many ways. Its patients are less active than the common people. Becomes unable to talk or be focused in any work. Brain fog is also known as mental fog.

feeling tired
This is one of the most common physical symptoms of brain fog. Its patient feels that they do not have the energy to do their daily routine. Always feel tired.

eye trouble
People suffering from brain fog may face difficulty in recognizing objects and things when they see them from a distance.

The patients of brain fog also forget about the number to the daily routine. Due to which their lifestyle becomes completely turbulent.

lack of sleep
The patient of brain fog cannot sleep. Due to which they gradually become victims of depression and irritability. And because of this, many changes start taking place in their body.

Gastrointestinal dysfunction
Some people complain of pain in the intestines or stomach in the event of brain fog.

There is also a complaint of severe pain in the head in brain fog. Many times this pain is such that you cannot work and you need to stay at home.

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