Covid Vaccine Third Dose | The third corona must be vaccinated, for whom is this special advice?

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# Geneva: The World Health Organization’s vaccine reviewers said Monday that people with weakened immune systems should be given three vaccines (Covid Vaccine Third Dose) instead of two. The third and additional dose should be given to any statutory body.

The United Nations’ Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization also says that people over the age of 60 who have already been vaccinated with the Chinese synovac or synoform vaccine should also be given the third dose, the Covid Vaccine Third Dose.

Experts point out that there is no need for a universal third vaccine. This advice is for those whose immune system is weak.

The World Health Organization has already approved the vaccines of Pfizer, Biotech, Johnsin, Astrojeneca, Synoform and Synovac for use in Corona. The World Health Organization (WHO) is still reluctant to recognize India’s biotech vaccine.

It was in this context that the Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization held a four-hour meeting last week to discuss the latest situation and the latest information on the vaccine.

At the end of the meeting, it was said that those with weakened immune systems should immediately be given an extra dose of the HU-listed vaccine. As a reason, they lag behind the rest in terms of immunity. In other words, the chances of getting infected with covid are much higher in their case. Moreover, those in their sixties who have taken synovac or synoform have been warned in particular.

But a person who has taken two vaccines in the past from a particular company, should he take the next vaccine from the same company? In this case, Hu says to make a decision according to the supply.