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After a powerful businessman has her baby forcefully aborted, Kaavya Krishna uses her body as a sexual weapon to destroy his empire, brick by brick.


An “erotic thriller” in India, man that’s something you do not come across every day. So, Vivek Agnihotri did manage to gather a respectable amount of audience for his latest movie.

For me, Hate Story is just about an average movie.

The story is all about a cat and mouse chase between the protagonist Kavya Krishna played by Paoli Dam and Siddharth Dhanrajgir played by Gulshan Devaiya. There isn’t much other than that.

Now, when a director is confident about the script and the overall movie itself it often goes in favour of the film itself. But this same confidence hits it hard when the director becomes so sure about the movie’s success that he doesn’t put in the desired effort. Unfortunately, Hate Story is about just that.

Even in Paoli Dam’s case as the vibrant journalist(considering she is one the leading actress in the Bengali film industry) it seems that just because she’s showing off her skin and doing bold scenes, she feels that the audience won’t care if she hams through most of the scenes and talks in a weird trying to be sensuous kind of voice. I mean I felt so.


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