Herbal shampoo made at home at the cost of Rs 10, hair will be long and silky

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Fashion Tips: Many expensive and different types of products of shampoo are available in the market. The biggest problem with these expensive products is that they also have many side effects. Many types of chemicals are found in the shampoo available in the market. Due to which problems start in the hair later. In which hair fall, dandruff, dry skin, two-faced hair, graying of hair. Many such problems start happening. If such problems are happening with your hair too, then we have brought a special jugaad for you. Through which you do not need to spend money on any market shampoo, but you will get strong, black and silky hair at the cost of 10 rupees at home itself.

Make a list of these things to make herbal shampoo

Before making herbal shampoo at home, you need some ingredients. In which Shikakai, Reetha powder, Neem powder, Amla powder are required. Antiseptic and antibacterial properties are found in this herbal shampoo. Homemade herbal shampoo is also helpful in balancing the pH level of your scalp.

How to prepare herbal shampoo
First of all, put a glass of water in a pan and keep it on the gas for hot. As soon as the water becomes lukewarm, add shikakai, reetha powder, neem powder, amla powder. Mix all the powders in lukewarm water and beat them well. After whisking well, leave it to boil for 10 minutes.

When this solution boils well, leave it to cool for some time and then store it in a clean bottle. If you want a scent in the shampoo, you can add essential oil to it. You will see the benefits of this shampoo in two washes.

Apply on hair like this
Wet your hair thoroughly before using shampoo. Apply shampoo well on wet hair and then massage the scalp with light hands. Due to which the blood circulation will be correct. Let us tell you that it is herbal shampoo, so there will be no foam in it. But this effect will do more than the market shampoo. Wash hair thoroughly after shampooing.

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