India UK Travel Update: Two doses of corona vaccine are not quarantine for Indian passengers, Britain says



#NewDelhi: The UK (India UK Travel Update) has relaxed the tax regime for Indian passengers. From Monday, October 11, Indians taking two doses of coronavirus vaccine will not have to stay in quarantine if they go to Britain (India UK Travel Update). The British High Commission informed India on Thursday. According to news sources, Indians who have received two Covishield vaccines or any other UK-approved corona vaccine will no longer have to stay in seclusion for 10 days after arriving in the UK (India UK Travel Update).

Alex Ellis, Britain’s ambassador to India, tweeted on Thursday. “Indians who have been vaccinated do not have to live in seclusion in Britain,” he wrote on Twitter. Any Corona vaccine obtained from Covishield or UK clearance must be taken. I thank the Government of India for its cooperation over the last one month. Indian passengers were instructed to stay in quarantine for 10 days after visiting Britain.

For several days now, there have been discussions about the Corona Restrictions for passengers from both Britain and India. Britain was the first to impose strict restrictions on this. After that, India again imposed special restrictions on passengers coming from Britain. There is talk of compulsory quarantine. Within days of that order, it was again withdrawn with instructions from Britain.

According to British rules, if a person has taken two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer Biotech, Moderna and Janssen, Covishield approved by the UK, he would have to be tested for coronavirus at the time of departure. The test had to be done 2 days before arrival in Britain and 7 days after arrival. With that I had to stay in self-quarantine for 10 days.