Invitation to come to 10 Downing Street in viral video! Who is Rishi Sunak Vijay uncle?



Celebrity chef Sanjay Rana’s video is now viral Sage Sunak himself was standing there beside him However, the newly elected British Prime Minister is not seen at first Sanjay is seen at the beginning of the video which is spreading on social media There he tells his uncle that someone special will talk to him in the video

After that, when the camera rotated, it was seen that Rishi Sunak was standing next to Sanjay He says, “Uncle Vijay, how are you?” After that he invited Vijay uncle to come to No. 10 Downing Street “Hopefully we will meet when you come here.” Be so kind as to bring your nephew Sanjay down to Downing Street when you come here.”

While posting the video, Sanjay jokingly wrote that this time there will be no problem with the visa The question of netizens around the viral video, who is Vijayamama? A Twitterati’s joke on Amitabh Bachchan Because his name is ‘Vijay’ in many films But beyond the jokes, the netizens are impressed by the modest behavior of the British Prime Minister of Indian origin. Despite the opinion of some netizens, Sanjay practically fooled everyone in this video

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Recently, Rishi Sunak became the first Indian-origin British Prime Minister He has already discussed with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about smooth trade relations between Britain and India After that, Modi tweeted that he was happy to talk to the newly elected British Prime Minister They also said that they will work together in the future to strengthen the policy agreement between the two countries

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