#Brazil: There is a proverb about the illusion of a snake in a string. This is so. It can be called a running robber illusion. There is no way to sit and eat in peace! Seeing a group of people running, the people of Brazil ran away in fear. One such funny video has spread on social media. And since then, there has been a roll of laughter in the net neighborhood.

Such entertaining and funny videos are often spread on the internet. Most of the time people are surprised by it. In a recently viral video, a picture of a restaurant in Brazil was seen. Many people were eating in the open air restaurant on the side of the road. At that time, a group of people were seen running along the road. In fact, they were running on the road to exercise. The restaurant was in the middle.

But the interesting thing is that the people eating in the restaurant thought they were robbers when they saw those people running. Everyone started running away from the chair in fear. The video shows restaurant customers running after the running men. The area becomes completely empty.

Although there was a funny element to the subject, the reality was probably not so funny. Because the unwarranted panic reaches such a level that there is a possibility of getting trampled. Two people are also seen stumbling in the video. Last Saturday in the state of Recife, Brazil, the incident of the restaurant named Cervezaria Alphaet.

A person shared the 33-second video on Twitter. The video is actually the CCTV camera footage of the restaurant. It is learned that a woman and two other members of a local crossfit gym ran past them as they sat down to eat in the open area of ​​the restaurant. At that time, the runner woman asked someone to run with a hand gesture.

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It probably backfires. In the footage, it was seen that a woman who was eating got scared and grabbed her bag and started running away. Perhaps he thought it was a robbery. Many others started running behind him. Rumors spread quickly.

However, after a while, the error broke. It is learned that the restaurant authorities have said in a statement that this is just a case of misunderstanding.

For now, the internet community is divided over the viral video. Many have said in the comment section that when there are riots and unrest in the country, this is exactly how rumors spread. Due to the unrest, there is loss of life. And some have sneered at people dancing at the behest of others.

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