Lunar Eclipse 2022 Rituals: The last lunar eclipse of the year is over now. This total lunar eclipse was visible in North/Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, most of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic and Antarctica. This lunar eclipse in India started at 5.32 in the evening according to Indian time and ended at 6.18 in the evening. According to religious beliefs, eclipse has inauspicious and negative effects on people. In such a situation, some work must be done after the eclipse is over.

Do this work after eclipse is over

    1. In the Puranas, a lunar eclipse is considered an inauspicious event. In such a situation, immediately after the eclipse is over, the whole house should be sprinkled with Gangajal. From the Tulsi tree to the temple, purify your entire house with Gangajal.
    1. One should take a bath after the lunar eclipse is over. If you cannot bathe in any holy river, then take bath by mixing Gangajal in the bath water. Wear clean clothes after bath.
    1. Chant the Santan Gopal Mantra after bath – Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudev Jagatapate Dehime Tanay Krishnan Tvamham Shranam Gaath.
    1. According to religious scriptures, charity has a special significance after the eclipse. Donation and dakshina should be done after the eclipse is over. Donate in the name of your ancestors also.
    1. Moon is related to white objects. It is important to donate white colored items after the lunar eclipse is over. It is believed that donating white clothes removes the troubles of the house.
    1. After the lunar eclipse, it should be drunk by adding basil leaves to the Ganges water. Tulsi leaves should be consumed only by adding basil leaves to the food. Gangajal and Tulsi are considered very sacred. It is believed that it eliminates the ill effects of eclipse.

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