MD Nadim Mostaq Eman – A Multi Talented Person Released a New Book “The Life of a Boy”.

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MD Nadim Mostaq Eman is a romantic person so he trying to do something romantic. In past, he has released a romantic music and now he released a romantic book.
MD Nadim Mostaq Eman published the first volume of his first book. This is a romantic type comics category book. The book contains the life story of a boy in the form of a story. Basically, the main character of the story is Nadim himself. However, he says that although the story of the book has some similarities with his life, most of it is just a fantasy. But this book is not just for fun. There is so much to learn here. There are many tips that everyone needs to know.

The book “The Life of a Boy” can be read by everyone, big or small, because there is nothing written here that would be inappropriate for children to read. The first part of this book is all about how a boy goes from childhood to adolescence, then to youth. However, the next stories of youth may be given in the next volume. The name of the book suggests what may be written in the book.

Nadim’s book has a total of 64 pages. For now, only the first volume of the book has been published. Nadim said that the second volume will be published soon. It took more than 6 months to make the first volume of the book. This awesome book has been published on Amazon, Google Books and Playstore. This is an e-book. No printed book has been published yet. The book is written entirely in English. Although Nadim has published it from Bangladesh but it has not been published for Bangladesh. The book has been published in English to let people abroad know how a Bangladeshi teenage boy spends his life.

Many people are very satisfied after reading Nadim’s book, this book is about the life of a boy. There is no shortage of comic books but there are very few such comic books. Another person can learn something from the incident that happened in one’s life. Nadim claims that his book is useful enough to be a lesson in one’s life. This book can change anyone’s life, says Nadim. He wrote the book about herself from her own life, inspired by a book written by someone he knew, which is why he claims that his book must be an education for others, because all people’s lives revolve around the same cycle.