T20 World Cup: A video of Mohammad Nabi, the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team, is becoming very viral for the last 2 days. Now a lot of memes are also being made on this video. This video is of a press conference, in which the prophet is seen telling English speaking as his most difficult task. The press conference itself starts in some funny way. Here, as soon as the prophet sees the English journalists sitting in front of him, he first asks that brother, how many questions will there be in the end of English? On hearing this question of his, the journalists start laughing.MD

In the video, the prophet is seen saying that this is the most difficult task for him. He further says that in just 5 minutes all his English will be over. This video is from the press conference held before the Afghanistan-Scotland match on Monday. Now it is becoming fiercely viral on social media platforms. The prophet, who simply described English as his headache, is also getting appreciation from social media users.

Strong start for Afghanistan in World Cup
Afghanistan has started this World Cup with a bang. In their first match, Afghanistan beat Scotland by a huge margin of 130 runs. Batting first, Afghanistan set a target of 191 runs in front of Scotland. In response, Scotland’s team was reduced to the score of just 60 runs. Now Afghanistan’s next match is to be with Pakistan on 29 October.

Afghan players became emotional as soon as the national anthem was played
Another video of the Afghan team is going viral on social media. But it is a bit emotional. In fact, when Afghanistan’s national anthem was played before the match, during that time some players and fans were seen crying ahead. The national anthem of the country made him emotional. In the video, Captain Nabi was seen wiping his tears.