PM Modi will meet 7 vaccine manufacturers today, future needs will be discussed

Corona Virus


Covid Vaccine 100 Crore Shots: A vaccine campaign is being run to eliminate the deadly coronavirus in the country. So far, more than 100 crore doses have been administered in the country. The country has created history by achieving this goal. In view of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet 7 vaccine manufacturers today and discuss the future needs.

PM Modi to meet vaccine manufacturers at around 7 pm

It is being told that PM Modi will meet seven vaccine manufacturers at around 7 pm. This meeting of PM Modi with vaccine manufacturers is taking place after achieving the historic target of giving 100 crore doses of vaccine in the country. India touched this target on 21 October. In the meeting, the issue of future requirements and role of India’s vaccine for the world will be discussed. E, Gennova Biopharma and Panacea Biotech will be present.

Let us tell you that PM Modi had addressed the country yesterday regarding this achievement of giving 100 crore doses. PM Modi said, “100 crore vaccine dose is not only a figure, it is also a reflection of the country’s capability. A new chapter of history is being created. This is the picture of that new India, which knows how to set difficult goals and achieve them.

The world will consider India safer than Corona: PM Modi

PM Modi said, “Taking everyone along, the country started the campaign of ‘Vaccine-Free Vaccine’. Poor-rich, village-city, far-off, there was only one mantra of the country that if the disease does not discriminate, then the vaccine It was ensured that the VIP culture does not dominate the vaccination campaign. India has given 100 crore vaccine doses to its citizens and that too without taking any money. One effect of 100 crore vaccine doses will also be that Now the world will consider India safer than Corona.