Radish parathas made in this way will be liked by everyone, learn how to make them

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Muli Paratha Recipe: Everyone likes to eat paratha in winter. Most people like potato parathas in winters, but in winters everyone likes to eat different types of parathas every day. At the same time, if you want to make something different in breakfast, then you can try radish parathas. Here we will tell you such recipes of radish parathas, which will make your heart want to eat it again and again. Let us know this special recipe of making Radish Parathas.

Ingredients for Radish Parathas

2 radishes, 2 green chilies finely chopped, half a bowl of green coriander finely chopped, one piece of ginger grated, one teaspoon chaat masala, one teaspoon roasted cumin powder, one teaspoon chaat masala, one teaspoon roasted cumin powder, salt, 3 Cup wheat flour, tsp carom seeds, tsp salt, ghee.

Radish Paratha Recipe

First of all take flour in a vessel. Knead it by adding salt and water. Make sure the dough is neither too hard nor too soft. After that, take radish and wash it well. Grate it. After this, squeeze the water from the grated radish by pressing it with both hands. Now add green chili, chaat masala, ground cumin powder, green coriander and salt to the radish and mix. After this, make a dough of dough and roll it into small pooris, place the radish mixture in the middle and close the poori by pressing it from all sides. After this, roll this dough and make paratha. Now heat the tawa on the gas. After this, add ghee to the paratha and roast it on low flame. In this way your radish paratha is ready.