#London: Such videos are not commonly seen. No matter how terrible the venomous snakes are, they are born innocent. Chester Zoo authorities in the UK recently shared a video. As seen in that video, the baby of the poisonous snake is coming out of the egg. Rare video. The video of the baby snake hatching is not commonly seen. Again, a video of a very rare species of snake!

Chester Zoo authorities used night vision cameras. As a result, the exact moment when the baby hatches out of the egg is captured on camera. The existence of this snake is now endangered on earth. As a result, the government has declared this species of snake as an endangered species. So this video seems to have become more special. The little snakes came out of the eggs and saw the light of the world. They are looking with big eyes. Terribly beautiful words may be used in this case.

Sharing that rare video on Instagram, the zoo authorities wrote, such a rare moment is usually not captured on camera. This species of snake has been used extensively in leather bags and shoes. As a result, the existence of this species of snake is now endangered. These baby snakes saw the light of day. They should celebrate. This video has been viewed 26,000 times since it was posted on Instagram. Does anyone miss the opportunity to watch such a rare video!

Experts say that this species of snake is very poisonous. In Britain, this type of snake is called Flower Snake or Red-headed Flower Snake. This snake has striped spots on it. The tail is red. Snakes of this species were once abundant in southern China and northern Vietnam. These snakes are found in low lying areas. But now this snake is a very rare species. As a result, it is difficult to see this snake in open nature. The skin color of this snake is beautiful. And so people have used that leather to make bags, shoes, belts. That use has become so widespread that the whole species is now almost extin