Rattlesnake in Home: Preparations for hibernation, a woman found about 100 poisonous rattlesnakes at home! See



#California: Earlier, the woman had seen one or two snakes under the house from time to time. However, anyone will be shocked to see what happened recently. The Rattlesnake in Home rescued about 100 rattlesnakes from a house in Northern California. Each snake was cooing and cooing together. He took the picture and shared it on social media. According to him, the snakes were preparing for hibernation (Rattlesnake in Home). Wolfe, director of Sonoma Country Reptile Rescue, was contacted to rescue the female reptile. He came and rescued the snakes (Rattlesnake in Home).

Wolf, director of Sonoma Country Reptile Rescue, said he saw a rattlesnake crawling under the house in Santa Rosa, a mountainous area. Then another, then another … In this way, about two baskets are filled with rattlesnakes. Wolf rescued one rattlesnake after another for about four hours. Wolf also wore gloves, knee and belly covers as he crawled on the ground again and again. He had to crawl through about 200 small rocks to rescue the snakes.

In Wolf’s words, ‘I was wondering what would happen. But I went and saw that it was very dirty inside. Spider webs, mud. Let’s start rescuing the snakes in them. Because that’s my job. ‘ Wolf is very happy to have rescued about 100 snakes as a result of this hard work. Wolf rescued about 22 adults and 59 baby snakes with a 24-inch stick. Later he got 11 more snakes. Wolf also found a dead cat and a needle inside. These are all northern Pacific rattlesnakes. It is the only venomous snake found in Northern California.

Rescued snake. Rescued snake.

Wolf said he has been involved in the profession for 32 years. He has been bitten by a snake about 13 times. He has done this in around 16 countries. But he has never rescued so many snakes from the bottom of a house like this. From October to April, rattlesnakes usually hibernate. And it does this by coming back to the same place over and over again. So, under the woman’s house is the rattlesnake’s home for a long time.