Trump’s ‘tram card’! The former US president’s big surprise on social …



#NewYork: He is 7 on the banned list on social media Multiple social media outlets have banned Donald Trump for making hateful remarks and spreading violence. Repeated complaints did not help. The former US president is going to bring his own social media platform (Socia Media). This was announced by Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Former US President and billionaire Donald Trump is coming up with his own social networking platform. Donald Trump’s accounts were blocked on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on January 8 for allegedly inciting violence in Capitol Hill. Trump’s counter-allegation is that his account has been blocked while the militant Taliban have taken to social media in Twitter posts. What kind of justice? This time, the former US president is going to answer in pen to this injustice of a section of social media giants.

Trump said he would launch the TRUTH Social app, part of the Trump Media & Technology Group. Big tech companies have closed his account He has refused to give him one of the tools of his national transition This media company will compete to get that revenge

The former US president proudly announced that the platform would be launched next month with invited members. Named ‘TRUTH Social’. Where video will be streaming as per demand. However, it is not free. Must take regular subscription. There will also be entertainment programs. The platform will be owned by Trump Media and Technology Group. He said, “The new social media platform is coming to challenge the exclusive rights of tech giants. This platform will be neutral. Everyone will be able to express their views. ”

Referring to the banning of his account, Trump said, “We live in a world where social media platforms are flooded with Taliban tweets, but your beloved American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable.” The new company will be formed in association with the Digital World Acquisition Corp. and will be a publicly listed company.

Trump has been talking about opening his own social media site since Twitter and Facebook were banned. Earlier, he tried to start a blog on his website But some uncomfortable scenes were noticed on that page and it also stopped. According to the source, this app will be launched across America next month.