Viral: Special arrangement for adoption of chicken! Petition not only to chew chicken but to keep it at home as a pet



#London: Choose chicken as a pet, adopt it This is the petition of a voluntary organization in London The British Hen Welfare Trust is celebrating Adoption Day on October 9. 7 of these events will be held in Hampshire Earlier, they appealed to the general public to stop stopping chicken slaughter and give them the status of pets. Chicken is usually on the list of non-vegetarian food in different parts of the world Everyone likes chicken 6 The various dishes of chicken are served in various delicious ways On the one hand, as tasty as it is nutritious, acceptable food is chicken meat However, the organization says that chickens can be cherished like dogs and cats.

Once you see all these chickens (Hen-Chicken as pet) at home, you will realize how cute they are. Very funny and great pet, says Jane, head of The British Hen Welfare Trust. He said that those who are raising chickens understand very well how much love can be found in keeping them at home.

According to the organization’s website, they have been able to return about 8.5 million chickens to safe havens since 2005. The chickens have found a safe home, where people have adopted them as pets, not to kill them. About 10,000 people have come forward to call the organization Mugrids have chosen 7 as their pets

Jane, the head of the organization, added that the crocodile is a creature that does not need a huge garden or farm If there is a little empty space, they can stay happy But you need endless love Dogs or cats are generally valued as pets It is very beautiful to see them If you stay at home, the decoration increases In comparison, the chicken may be lagging behind But if they are also tamed, the owner can take care of them and fill them with affection Jane’s claim 7

According to the organization’s website, in 2016, organizer Jane was honored as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her tireless work. Jane is working to keep the chickens from being kept in cages, sometimes using eggs or sometimes their meat. In 2012, he demanded a ban on battery cages