Viral Video: Standing on a busy street in New York, this Indian sang ‘Dilbar Mere’, a tumultuous viral video



New York: Kishore Kumar’s famous song 7 on the streets of New York And that is not a ‘concert’ or event that is already right As he was walking down the street, an Indian  suddenly sang along with an American YouTuber The video of that song is now viral on social media!

The famous song ‘Dilbar Mere’ from the eighties movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’ starring Amitabh Bachchan. This song sung by Kishore Kumar is not old even today Let’s say exactly what happened this time A YouTuber stood on a guitar in the streets of New York Path was calling the people and requesting them to sing a song with him But on the busy streets of New York, no one was agreeing At that time an Indian youth named Gouranga was passing through that road He was also going to work He went a little further without first requesting YouTuber Later he came back again

Reginald Gillaume, a YouTuber with a guitar, is happy to see Gouranga back. He asked Gauranga which song to sing But Gouranga Saf said that he does not know any English song It is possible for him to sing only Hindi songs Hearing that, Reginald said, there is no problem He also asked which Bollywood song he would sing He just said that no matter what song he did, it would be better for Reginald to play his music a little earlier. That’s how youtube 6 listened to the song on YouTube before