#Dubai: The child is likely a woman from Dubai. So much good news. The whole family is very happy. But I have to share that happiness with everyone. However, the fetus boy or girl will fix it pet pet! Yes pet tiger. It is normal to keep tigers and lions at home in Dubai. Many big people are pushing (Viral Video).

They are given the same care and training as our domestic dogs. However, wild lovers do not accept the tiger lion in their house by removing the tiger lion from the jungle life (Viral Video). There is a dispute over this. But what’s in it! Those who are petting are just feeding. And these tigers are undergoing various trainings.

The video, which has caused a stir recently, is surprising. There is a baby gender ceremony going on. Abroad this ceremony is done with fun.

A tiger has been left in the open. How many balloons are flying in front of him. This time the tiger saw a black balloon and he jumped the balloon and burst it in both hands. Immediately the pink powder spread. And everyone clapped (Viral Video). Pink is the color of girls. Therefore, the unborn child is a girl. This is what is assumed.

The tiger has already been trained for this task. I don’t know what the tiger has been taught just to be happy. This video has 3 lakh views since it was shared on Instagram.

However, netizens were not happy to see the video. Rather, he met with criticism. They say this video is not humane. Although the tiger was not harmed. But so why a pet in the forest pet? Many say it is a heinous crime (Viral Video). However, this incident is not new in the country. But wild lovers have already started protesting with this video.