T20 World Cup 2022: The 2022 T20 World Cup (2022 T20 World Cup) being played in Australia is becoming very exciting. Especially in Group-1, the competition for going to the semi-finals is becoming more and more tough. There are many big teams in this group. That is why it is being called Group of Death.

The New Zealand team’s move to the semi-finals from Group-1 is almost certain. Although apart from this, which will be the other team, nothing can be said about it yet. Both England and Australia are in the race to go to the semi-finals, but it remains to be seen who has how much chance.

One match each for both England and Australia has been canceled due to rain. Apart from this, both the teams have got one win and one loss. England has to play matches against New Zealand and Sri Lanka, while Australia’s matches are to be played against Ireland and Afghanistan.

To go to the semi-finals, both have to win their remaining matches and if both the teams win their remaining matches, then the matter will come to the net run-rate. At present, England’s run-rate is better than Australia. But if either team loses one of its remaining matches, then it will again be out of the semi-final race.

New Zealand have five points from three matches in Group 1 and currently their position is the strongest. Sri Lanka’s team is in the last place, which has two points from three matches. Two of Afghanistan’s three matches were washed out due to rain. Ireland have three points from three matches.

Ireland’s team has already made an upset by defeating England. Afghanistan have not got much chance to play so far, but they also have a chance to make the semi-final race exciting by defeating a team like Australia.

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